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All about SymbaSync at a glance.


Project Team Builder

PTB enables large companies to instantly engage employees for assembling new project teams, eliminating the need for word of mouth and internal advertising while maximizing intellectual talent. PTB improves employee retention and employee return on investment.

Talent Sourcing Software

Software that auto-creates a job description, instantly markets it, and shows a ranked list of the ideal candidates.

Job Seeker

Matching individuals and organisations by allowing both to rank and weigh key areas of importance for a job or company.

Partner Brands




SymbaSync™ helps organizations maximize return on employee investment by providing Human Resources Software to source, qualify, and engage employees to populate project teams. SymbaSync’s tools increase employee satisfaction improving employee ownership, devotion, and retention.

The Tech

Advanced Weighted Algorithm utilizing skill preferences, workplace culture preferences, and validated skills and experiences.

Data Analysis to measure employee engagement & participation rates as well as success of project teams.


Joseph McElmeel


Joseph McElmeel is an experienced leadership professional with a background in change management, operational efficiency, organizational management, the professionalization of SMEs, Agile Scrum & Kanban Project Management, and ROEI (Return on Employee Investment). He possesses a fundamental ethos towards growth through data analysis, operational efficiencies, continuous improvement, individual and team learning, and KPI/milestone Management.

Damodar Sojka


As a technical entrepreneur having engaged with creating his own companies in Poland and Edinburgh. He has experience building platforms for global scaling while also winning an award for web development. He actively utilises a network of advisors from through the development community to provide feedback on development and leadership.


Kent Land

Marketing Advisor

Former VP Creative Phelps Group & World Vision

Kirsty McKenzie

Customer Advisor

CEO, iMultiply Resourcing

Liza Sutherland


University of Edinburgh Research and innovation (ERI)

Kevin Cowan

SaaS Strategy Advisor

CEO, X10 Solutions

Paul Hancock

Investor & Advisor

Managing Director 360 Resilience

Achievements & Awards

2017 Winner of SME News’ Most Innovative Recruitment Software

2018 Winner of SME News’ Best Recruitment Software

Media Exposure


Executive Innovation Show

Product Video & Screens

Case Study

OTP Bank – Budapest

Symbasync’s founders took part in meetings with OTP Bank to disseminate product implementation and fit.