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What We Do

Project Team Builder enables you to instantly engage and source the ideal participants from all your current employees to create new project teams.

Project Team Builder eliminates reliance on word-of-mouth, who you know, or career pages to engage potential participants; ensuring an engaged workforce and maximization of developed intellectual capital.

Project Team Builder removes any initial bias, considering all employees based only on experience, skills, interest, and availability.

Main Features

There is no “search” to identify candidates, every employee is instantly ranked for each role

Project Team Builder instantly ranks every employee in the system, so you spend time only qualifed and interested employees.


 Engaged workforce means employee retention and mobility

Maximize the investment spent hiring and developing employees, plus utilize that intellectual capital by keeping them interested and engaged with new and agile project teams.

Instantly identify and notify top matching employees for appropriate roles in a project team

Publish a project role and with one click Project Team Builder notifies the top matching employees to inform them and request feedback on their interest.

Rank external candidates and consultants against internal employees

Instantly rank external candidates with current employees for a project role by activating SymbaSync’s Talent Sourcing Software Solution.


One tool for all your team creation needs

Project Team Builder’s primary goal is to make the process of assembling a project team seamless and hassle-free. To accomplish this we provide an easy user experience, seamless integrations to current systems, and hands-on customer service.

Project Team Builder increases the chances of meeting deadlines, engages across the entire organization, and overcomes the hurdles of identifying under-engaged employees.

 This is the evolution of the workforce.


The best talent instantly matched for agile project teams.

SymbaSync Team

Engage employees for dynamic agile project teams!

SymbaSync Team